Dr Aidan Naughton

University of St Andrews

Mathsbridge: connecting with international students


Howard House, 4th Floor Seminar Room

Numbers of international students are increasing across the HE sector in the UK, and look set to continue to rise. There are various support mechanisms in place to help international students to make a successful transition into UK universities, such as minimum English standards, student societies, international departments at student services, however discipline-specific barriers have not received quite as much attention. For international students mathematics is a particular challenge because it demands a technical vocabulary; there are notational differences between countries; and different countries have different high school curricula with associated variations in student knowledge. Mathsbridge was a project launched in St Andrews with the aim of equipping international students with the requisite vocabulary, knowledge of notation and standard mathematical techniques necessary to become successful, confident and independent learners. This talk will discuss the development and implementation of Mathsbridge as well as lessons learnt for the future.

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