Heilbronn Number Theory Seminars

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Past Seminars:

  • Tom Oliver
    Murmurations of elliptic curves
    Wednesday 15th June 2022

  • Yukako Kezuka
    Arithmetic of elliptic curves at the small primes
    Wednesday 8th June 2022

  • Vasudevan Srinivas
    On finite presentation for the tame fundamental group
    Wednesday 8th June 2022

  • Richard Griffon
    Isogenies of elliptic curves over function fields
    Wednesday 1st June 2022

  • Lola Thompson
    Summing mu(n): an even faster elementary algorithm
    Wednesday 25th May 2022

  • Vandita Patel
    Values of the Ramanujan tau-function
    Wednesday 18th May 2022

  • Kevin Hughes
    Square function estimates for planar curves over local fields
    Wednesday 11th May 2022

  • Bartosz Naskręcki
    Higher moments of elliptic curves
    Wednesday 4th May 2022

  • Henri Johnston
    Computation of lattice isomorphisms and the integral matrix similarity problem
    Wednesday 27th April 2022

  • Cecília Salgado
    Large Mordell-Weil rank jumps and the Hilbert Property
    Wednesday 30th March 2022

  • Jens Funke
    Theta series and (singular) theta lifts
    Wednesday 23rd March 2022

  • Vlad Mitankin
    Semi-integral points and quadrics
    Wednesday 16th March 2022

  • Ross Paterson
    Average Ranks of Elliptic Curves After p-Extension
    Wednesday 9th March 2022

  • Dan Fretwell
    Definite orthogonal modular forms: Computations, Excursions and Discoveries
    Wednesday 2nd March 2022

  • Gene Kopp
    Wannabe modularity, the Shintani-Faddeev cocycle, and Stark units
    Wednesday 23rd February 2022

  • Daniel Fiorilli
    Omega results for cubic field counts via the Katz-Sarnak philosophy
    Wednesday 16th February 2022

  • Masahiro Nakahara
    Uniform potential density for rational points on algebraic groups and elliptic K3 surfaces
    Wednesday 2nd February 2022

  • Junxian Li
    Hardy-Littlewood problems with almost primes
    Wednesday 26th January 2022

  • Alina Ostafe
    Multiplicative and additive relations for values of rational functions and points on elliptic curves
    Wednesday 8th December 2021

  • Jolanta Marzec
    Some evidence towards Resnikoff-Saldana conjecture
    Wednesday 1st December 2021

  • Alexandre de Faveri
    Simple zeros of GL(2) L-functions
    Wednesday 24th November 2021

  • Gonzalo Tornaria
    Quinary forms and paramodular forms
    Wednesday 17th November 2021

  • Assif Zaman
    An approximate form of Artin's holomorphy conjecture and nonvanishing of Artin L-functions
    Wednesday 10th November 2021

  • Luis Garcia
    Eisenstein cocycles and values of L-functions
    Wednesday 3rd November 2021

  • Samantha Fairchild
    Analogs of the primitive Gauss circle problem
    Wednesday 27th October 2021

  • Youness Lamzouri
    Zeros of linear combinations of L-functions near the critical line
    Wednesday 20th October 2021

  • Andrei Yafaev
    Lower bounds for Galois orbits of special points and the Andre-Oort conjecture
    Wednesday 13th October 2021

  • Harry Smit
    Characterizing number fields using L-series
    Wednesday 6th October 2021

  • Sam Streeter
    Weak approximation for del Pezzo surfaces of low degree
    Wednesday 29th September 2021

  • Brad Rodgers
    The distribution of random polynomials with multiplicative coefficients
    Wednesday 2nd June 2021

  • David Zywina
    Modular curves and Serre's open image theorem
    Wednesday 26th May 2021

  • Naser Sardari
    Higher Fourier interpolation on the plane
    Wednesday 19th May 2021

  • Seonhee Lim
    Effective Hausdorff dimension of Bad sets
    Wednesday 12th May 2021

  • Claire Burrin
    A sparse equidistribution problem for expanding horocycles on the modular surface
    Wednesday 5th May 2021

  • Fang-Ting Tu
    A Whipple Formula Revisited
    Wednesday 28th April 2021

  • Laura Capuano
    GCD results for certain divisibility sequences of polynomials and a conjecture of Silverman
    Wednesday 21st April 2021

  • Maki Nakasuji
    Schur multiple zeta functions and their properties
    Wednesday 24th March 2021

  • John Voight
    Counting elliptic curves with torsion, and a probabilistic local-global principle
    Wednesday 17th March 2021

  • YoungJu Choie
    A generating functions of periods of modular forms
    Wednesday 10th March 2021

  • Mahesh Kakde
    Brumer-Stark units
    Wednesday 3rd March 2021

  • Andrew Obus
    Fun with Mac Lane valuations
    Wednesday 24th February 2021

  • Adam Morgan
    4-ranks of class groups of biquadratic fields
    Wednesday 17th February 2021

  • Christina Roehrig
    Siegel theta series for indefinite quadratic forms
    Wednesday 10th February 2021

  • Par Kurlberg
    Distribution of lattice points on hyperbolic circles
    Wednesday 3rd February 2021

  • Daniel Gulotta
    Vanishing theorems for Shimura varieties at unipotent level and Galois representations
    Wednesday 27th January 2021

  • Ayla Gafni
    Asymptotics of Restricted Partition Functions - FRIDAY
    Friday 22nd January 2021

  • Chantal David
    Moments and non-vanishing of cubic Dirichlet L-functions at s =1/2
    Wednesday 16th December 2020

  • Arul Shankar
    The number of D_4-extensions of Q
    Wednesday 9th December 2020

  • Amanda Folsom
    Eisenstein series, cotangent-zeta sums, knots, and quantum modular forms
    Wednesday 2nd December 2020

  • Ghaith Hiary
    An Omega-result for S(t)
    Wednesday 25th November 2020

  • Heekyoung Hahn
    Poles of triple tensor product L-fuctions involving monomial representations
    Wednesday 18th November 2020

  • Pedro Lemos
    Residual Galois representations of elliptic curves with image in the normaliser of a non-split Cartan
    Wednesday 11th November 2020

  • Misha Rudnev
    On convexity and sumsets
    Wednesday 4th November 2020

  • Matthew Young
    The Weyl bound for Dirichlet L-functions
    Wednesday 28th October 2020

  • Sug Woo Shin
    On GSpin(2n)-valued automorphic Galois representations
    Wednesday 21st October 2020

  • Lior Bary-Soroker
    Random Polynomials, Probabilistic Galois Theory, and Finite Field Arithmetic
    Wednesday 14th October 2020

  • Gabriele Nebe
    Automorphisms of extremal modular lattices
    Wednesday 7th October 2020

  • Vesselin Dimitrov
    No shadowing bounds on Galois orbits in the complex plane
    Wednesday 30th September 2020

  • Danylo Radchenko
    Fourier interpolation from zeros of the Riemann zeta function
    Wednesday 23rd September 2020

  • Dzmitry Badziahin
    Diophantine approximation on the Veronese curve
    Wednesday 16th September 2020

  • Jennifer Balakrishnan
    Quadratic Chabauty over number fields
    Wednesday 17th June 2020

  • Dmitrii Zhelezov
    Logarithmic coordinate complexity and the few products-many sums phenomenon
    Tuesday 16th June 2020

  • Dave Platt
    Numerical verification of the Riemann Hypothesis to 3•10^{12}
    Wednesday 3rd June 2020

  • Elisa Lorenzo García
    Primes of bad reduction for genus 3 CM curves and their exponents on the discriminant (joint work with S. Ionica, P. Kilicer, K. Lauter, A. Manzateanu and C. Vincent)
    Wednesday 27th May 2020

  • Chan-Ho Kim
    On the quantitative variation of congruence ideals of modular forms
    Wednesday 20th May 2020

  • Peter Humphries
    Small Scale Equidistribution of Lattice Points on the Sphere
    Wednesday 29th April 2020

  • Brendan Murphy
    Approximate subgroups in soluble linear groups over finite fields
    Wednesday 22nd April 2020

  • Netan Dogra
    Higher heights and rational points on curves
    Wednesday 4th March 2020

  • Rosa Winter
    Density of rational points on a family of del Pezzo surfaces of degree 1
    Wednesday 26th February 2020

  • Daniel Loughran
    Probabilistic Arithmetic Geometry
    Wednesday 19th February 2020

  • Oleksiy Klurman
    Small discrepancy sequences over Fq[x]
    Wednesday 12th February 2020

  • Steven Charlton
    An explicit quadruple ratio
    Wednesday 5th February 2020

  • Diego Izquierdo
    Homogeneous spaces, algebraic K-theory and cohomological dimension of fields
    Wednesday 29th January 2020

  • Nuno Freitas
    A multi-Frey approach to the Darmon program for Fermat-type equations
    Wednesday 22nd January 2020

  • Céline Maistret
    Arithmetic invariants and parity of ranks of abelian surfaces
    Wednesday 18th December 2019

  • Chloe Martindale
    Non-interactive post quantum key exchange from isogeny graphs of elliptic curves
    Wednesday 11th December 2019

  • Alice Pozzi
    The values of the Dedekind-Rademacher cocycle at RM multiplication points
    Wednesday 11th December 2019

  • Morten Risager
    Arithmetic statistics of modular symbols
    Wednesday 4th December 2019

  • Joe Gunther
    Slicing the stars: counting algebraic numbers
    Wednesday 27th November 2019

  • Valentina Di Proietto
    A non-abelian algebraic criterion for good reduction of curves
    Wednesday 20th November 2019

  • Philippe Michel
    Algebraic Twists of automorphic forms
    Wednesday 13th November 2019

  • Jaclyn Lang
    The Hodge and Tate Conjectures for self-products of K3 surfaces with non-symplectic group actions
    Wednesday 30th October 2019

  • André Macedo
    Explicit methods for the Hasse norm principle and applications
    Wednesday 23rd October 2019

  • Joni Teräväinen
    Chowla's conjecture at almost all scales
    Wednesday 16th October 2019

  • Ellen Eischen
    p-adic L-functions, with a view toward unitary groups
    Wednesday 9th October 2019

  • Haluk Şengün
    A K-theoretic Selberg trace formula
    Wednesday 2nd October 2019

  • Sander Zwegers
    Theta Series for Indefinite Quadratic Forms
    Wednesday 12th June 2019

  • Katherine Stange
    An illustration in number theory: abelian sandpiles and Schmidt arrangements
    Wednesday 5th June 2019

  • Lejla Smajlovic
    Spectral construction of non-holomorphic Eisenstein-type series, their Kronecker limit formula and applications
    Wednesday 29th May 2019

  • Junehyuk Jung
    On the sparsity of positive-definite automorphic forms
    Wednesday 22nd May 2019

  • Tobias Berger
    Paramodularity of abelian surfaces
    Wednesday 15th May 2019

  • Farrell Brumley
    Concentration properties of theta lifts
    Wednesday 1st May 2019

  • Adam Harper
    High moments of random multiplicative functions
    Wednesday 3rd April 2019

  • Jessica Fintzen
    Representations of p-adic groups
    Wednesday 27th March 2019

  • Damaris Schindler
    On prime values of binary quadratic forms with a thin variable
    Wednesday 20th March 2019

  • Jim Wright
    Hensel's classical lemma – a variant
    Wednesday 13th March 2019

  • Holly Krieger
    Uniform Manin-Mumford in genus 2
    Wednesday 6th March 2019

  • Roger Heath-Brown
    Counting Rational Points on Conics
    Wednesday 27th February 2019

  • Jan Vonk
    Singular moduli for real quadratic fields
    Wednesday 20th February 2019

  • Beth Romano
    Arithmetic statistics via graded Lie algebras
    Wednesday 13th February 2019

  • Nicole Looper
    Dynamical uniform boundedness and the abc-conjecture
    Wednesday 6th February 2019

  • Árpád Tóth
    Modular cocycles and linking numbers
    Wednesday 30th January 2019

  • Zeev Rudnick
    On Cilleruelo's conjecture for the least common multiple of polynomial sequences
    Wednesday 23rd January 2019

  • Paul Beirne
    Knots, the colored Jones polynomial and stability
    Wednesday 16th January 2019

  • Carl Wang-Erickson
    The rank of Mazur's Eisenstein ideal
    Wednesday 12th December 2018

  • Marc Masdeu
    p-adic analytic constructions of algebraic points
    Wednesday 5th December 2018

  • Sarah Peluse
    Bounds for sets lacking x, x+y, x+y^2
    Wednesday 28th November 2018

  • Andreas Strömbergsson
    Rogers' mean value formula: some applications and extensions
    Wednesday 21st November 2018

  • Kathrin Maurischat
    Phantom holomorphic projection
    Wednesday 14th November 2018

  • Winston Heap
    Upper bounds for moments of the Riemann zeta function
    Wednesday 7th November 2018

  • Nils-Peter Skoruppa
    The Macdonald identities and Jacobi forms of lattice index
    Wednesday 31st October 2018

  • Lola Thompson
    Bounded gaps between primes and the length spectra of arithmetic hyperbolic 3-orbifolds
    Wednesday 24th October 2018

  • Kim Klinger-Logan
    The Riemann Hypothesis, unbounded operators and a tie to physics
    Wednesday 17th October 2018

  • David Lowry-Duda
    Half-integral weight modular forms are special too
    Wednesday 10th October 2018

  • Alexander Gamburd
    Arithmetic and Dynamics on Markoff-Hurwitz Varieties
    Monday 18th June 2018

  • Piper Harron
    Equidistribution of Shapes of Number Fields of degree 3, 4, and 5
    Wednesday 13th June 2018

  • Jeffrey Lagarias
    Number Theory Problems Related to Toric Integer Orbits
    Tuesday 12th June 2018

  • Sean Prendiville
    Partition regularity and non-linear Diophantine equations
    Wednesday 30th May 2018

  • Gergely Harcos
    The prime geodesic theorem in square mean
    Wednesday 23rd May 2018

  • Laura Capuano
    Unlikely intersections in families of abelian varieties
    Wednesday 16th May 2018

  • Cameron Franc
    Bounded primes for hypergeometric series
    Wednesday 9th May 2018

  • Masha Vlasenko
    Gamma functions, monodromy and Apéry constants
    Wednesday 2nd May 2018

  • Jack Thorne
    Arithmetic statistics for odd genus 2 curves
    Wednesday 25th April 2018

  • Min Lee
    Twist-minimal trace formulas and applications
    Wednesday 18th April 2018

  • Péter Pal Pach
    On some Applications of Graph Theory to Number Theoretic Problems
    Wednesday 21st March 2018

  • Olivia Beckwith
    Class numbers of imaginary quadratic fields
    Wednesday 14th March 2018

  • Ayla Gafni
    Extremal primes of non-CM elliptic curves
    Wednesday 7th March 2018

  • Wojciech Gajda
    Geometric families of Galois representations
    Wednesday 7th March 2018

  • Catherine Hsu
    Higher Eisenstein Congruences
    Wednesday 28th February 2018

  • Lassina Dembele
    Abelian varieties with everywhere good reduction over certain real quadratic fields
    Wednesday 21st February 2018

  • Haluk Sengun
    Arithmetic Manifolds, Hecke operators and Diophantine Equations
    Wednesday 14th February 2018

  • Bartosz Naskrecki
    Hypergeometric motives of low degrees
    Wednesday 7th February 2018

  • Fredrik Stromberg
    Maass forms and spectral theory for noncongruence subgroups
    Wednesday 31st January 2018

  • James Maynard
    Kloosterman sums and Siegel zeros
    Wednesday 24th January 2018

  • Titus Hilberdink
    Matrices with multiplicative entries
    Wednesday 17th January 2018

  • Chloe Martindale
    Isogeny graphs of abelian varieties and applications to the discrete logarithm problem
    Wednesday 13th December 2017

  • John Cremona
    Elliptic Curves of prime power conductor over imaginary quadratic fields with class number one.
    Wednesday 6th December 2017

  • Valentin Blomer
    Wednesday 29th November 2017

  • Lejla Smajlovic
    Modular Dedekind symbols associated to Fuchsian groups and higher-order Eisenstein series
    Wednesday 22nd November 2017

  • Tom Oliver
    Cancellation of zeros between L-functions
    Wednesday 15th November 2017

  • Kevin Destagnol
    The Manin-Peyre conjectures for an infinite family of projective hypersurfaces in higher dimension.
    Wednesday 8th November 2017

  • Oliver Roche-Newton
    On the size of the set AA+A over the reals
    Wednesday 1st November 2017

  • Chris Skinner
    Some recent results on the arithmetic of elliptic curves and modular forms.
    Wednesday 25th October 2017

  • Jeff Hoffstein
    Digital signatures based on quadratic forms over the ring R=(Z/qZ)[x]/(x^N -1).
    Wednesday 18th October 2017

  • Andreea Mocanu
    Eisenstein Series for Jacobi Forms of Lattice Index
    Wednesday 11th October 2017

  • Martin Bright
    Failure of strong approximation on an affine cone
    Wednesday 4th October 2017

  • Julie Desjardins
    Density of rational points on elliptic surfaces
    Wednesday 26th April 2017