Fluids and Materials Seminars

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Past Seminars:

  • Jacco Snoeijer
    Coalescence of floating drops
    Thursday 28th May 2020

  • Hermes Gadelha
    The wiggly mathematical tale of the sperm tail and other fables
    Thursday 21st May 2020

  • Stavros C Farantos
    Non-Linear Hamiltonian Classical Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics
    Thursday 14th May 2020

  • Pablo Cincotta
    Chaotic diffusion: a Shannon entropy approach
    Thursday 7th May 2020

  • Srihari Keshavamurthy
    New thoughts on old paradigms I: Transition states and reaction mechanisms
    Thursday 30th April 2020

  • Pierluigi Cesana
    Mathematical models and ideas for disclinations
    Thursday 23rd April 2020

  • Guillaume Salbreux
    Epithelial folds and flows
    Thursday 12th March 2020

  • Danny Feltham
    Sea ice dynamics and its representation in climate models
    Thursday 27th February 2020

  • Rastko Sknepnek
    Wrinkle patterns in active viscoelastic thin sheets
    Thursday 20th February 2020

  • Hermes Gadelha
    The wiggly mathematical tale of the sperm tail and other fables (postponed to 21st May 2020)
    Tuesday 11th February 2020

  • Rachel Bearon
    Revisiting Jeffery orbits; the importance of shape for micro-organism transport
    Thursday 19th December 2019

  • Emanuele Paci
    Models for molecular biophysical data
    Thursday 12th December 2019

  • Federico Bosi
    Thermoviscoelastic modelling and yield domain of inflatable thin films
    Thursday 28th November 2019

  • Francesco Sciortino
    Friday 15th November 2019

  • Kirsty Wan
    Multiscale coordination of cilia and flagella
    Thursday 14th November 2019

  • Tony Lelièvre
    Foundation of first order kinetics: the quasi stationary distribution approach
    Thursday 7th November 2019

  • Peter Schmid
    Koopman analysis and the sparsity-promoting dynamic mode decomposition
    Thursday 17th October 2019

  • Dmitry Zhdanov
    Quantum mechanics as an effective fluid theory. Fundamentals and chemical applications
    Thursday 10th October 2019

  • Christophe Josserand
    Freezing droplets
    Thursday 3rd October 2019

  • Petr Sulc
    Friday 6th September 2019

  • Joel Bowman
    A Machine Learning Approach for Prediction of Rate Constants
    Wednesday 4th September 2019

  • Dr Elsen Tjhung
    Renormalization group theory of banana and pizza-slice-shaped mesogens: Long-range order in 2d
    Tuesday 4th June 2019

  • Dr Michio Tateno
    Thursday 23rd May 2019

  • Prof Helen Byrne
    Mathematical Approaches to Modelling and Remodelling Biological Tissues
    Thursday 9th May 2019

  • Dr Dan Lucas
    Layer formation and transition to turbulence in horizontally shearing stably stratified flows
    Thursday 2nd May 2019

  • Prof Anja Schlömerkemper
    Passages from discrete to continuous systems allowing for fracture, external forces and heterogeneities
    Thursday 18th April 2019

  • Dr Ivo Peters
    Bubble collapse in complex geometries
    Thursday 4th April 2019

  • Dr Elisabetta De Angelis
    Multi-scale dynamics in wall bounded turbulent flows
    Thursday 28th March 2019

  • Prof Robert MacKay
    Bifurcations of transition states and incorporation of electronic degrees of freedom
    Thursday 21st March 2019

  • Prof Natsuhiko Yoshinaga
    Geometric control of wave instability in Min oscillations
    Monday 18th March 2019

  • Prof J. Michael T. Thompson
    Nonlinear dynamics of shell buckling: energy probes and step loading
    Thursday 14th March 2019

  • Dr Alpha Lee
    Lengthscale puzzles in concentrated electrolytes
    Thursday 7th March 2019

  • Dr Andela Šarić
    Sensing and creating mechanical forces by collective protein behaviour
    Thursday 28th February 2019

  • Prof Christos Lykos
    Polymer flow and polymer topology: linear chains, rings and knots flow differently
    Thursday 21st February 2019

  • Dr Rachel Bennett
    Mechanics and self-assembly in cancer cell nuclei
    Thursday 14th February 2019

  • Dr Ian Griffiths
    iPhones and Dysons: using fluid dynamics to tailor technology
    Thursday 24th January 2019

  • Dr Lorenzo Morini
    Waves in quasicrystalline phononic structures: self-similar stop/pass band distribution and negative refraction
    Thursday 13th December 2018

  • Prof William Parnell
    Acoustic and hyperelastic metamaterials – stretching the truth?
    Thursday 6th December 2018

  • Prof Alexei A. Mailybaev
    Monday 26th November 2018

  • Dr Laura Filion
    Defects in colloidal crystals of hard particles
    Monday 19th November 2018

  • Dr Ed Brambley
    Mathematical modelling of aeroacoustics and metal forming
    Thursday 15th November 2018

  • Dr Shiladitya Banerjee
    Tissue fluidity promotes rapid wound repair
    Thursday 8th November 2018

  • Dr Piermarco Fonda
    Thermodynamic equilibrium of lipid mixtures on curved substrates
    Tuesday 6th November 2018

  • Dr Silke Henkes
    Dynamical patterns for polar and nematic active particles on a sphere
    Thursday 1st November 2018

  • Dr Ana Mancho
    Lagrangian pathways for transport in a turbulent ocean
    Thursday 18th October 2018

  • Dr Michael Dallaston
    Singularities of the thin film equation
    Thursday 11th October 2018

  • Dr Fausto Martelli
    Polyamorphism in water
    Thursday 4th October 2018

  • Dr Louise Olsen-Kettle
    Bridging the macro to the mesoscale: Developing tensorial damage models for anisotropic materials
    Monday 16th July 2018

  • Lee Steinberg
    Investigating the Structure of Water Networks using Topological Data Analysis
    Wednesday 4th July 2018

  • Dr Kyohei Takae
    Shape controls polarisation: Ferroelectricity and antiferroelectricity in dipolar crystals formed by shape-anisotropic particles
    Monday 18th June 2018

  • Dr Sam Pegler
    The instability of marine ice sheets
    Thursday 24th May 2018

  • Dr Anita Zeidler
    The intermediate phase: Fact or fiction?
    Thursday 17th May 2018

  • Prof Carmen Domene
    Computational biophysics of ion channels
    Thursday 10th May 2018

  • Dr Claire McIlroy
    3D Printing with Polymer Melts
    Thursday 3rd May 2018

  • Prof Stuart Humphries
    Shape effects on microscale swimmers
    Thursday 26th April 2018

  • Dr Megan Davies Wykes
    Fluid-structure interaction at the microscale: How to get from A to B and building micro-machines
    Thursday 19th April 2018

  • Prof Thomas Speck
    Collective behavior of Active Brownian particles
    Thursday 12th April 2018

  • Dr Alexander Erlich
    Thursday 22nd March 2018

  • Dr Vojtech Kaiser
    The second Wien effect: non-linear response of Coulomb systems from electrolytes to frustrated magnets
    Wednesday 7th March 2018

  • Dr Margarita Staykova
    The mechanics of the cell interface studied by supported lipid bilayers
    Thursday 15th February 2018

  • Dr Mark Olenik
    Struggling tadpoles and Big Bang Bifurcations
    Thursday 8th February 2018

  • Dr Richard Morris
    Shape-changing epithelial monolayers
    Wednesday 10th January 2018

  • Dr Ory Schnitzer
    Asymptotic solutions of the plasmonic eigenvalue problem and applications
    Thursday 30th November 2017

  • Dr. Valeria Garbin
    Stability and dynamics of bubbles with particle-laden interfaces
    Thursday 23rd November 2017

  • Dr Patrick Ilg
    Structure and dynamics of complex fluids: macroscopic description from systematic coarse-graining
    Thursday 9th November 2017

  • Dr David Bourne
    Pattern Formation in Nonlocal Particle Systems
    Thursday 2nd November 2017

  • Mari Romain
    Exploiting fragility of granular suspensions to enhance flowability
    Thursday 8th June 2017