Geometry and Topology Seminar

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Past Seminars:

  • Fanny Kassel
    Convex cocompactness and Coxeter groups
    Tuesday 25th May 2021

  • Alice Kerr
    Quasi-trees and product set growth
    Tuesday 18th May 2021

  • Vincent Delecroix
    Random multicurves in high genera
    Tuesday 11th May 2021

  • Anton Zorich
    Count of simple closed geodesics on Riemann surfaces
    Tuesday 4th May 2021

  • Leonid Monin
    Hyperelliptic curves with many automorphisms and triangular billiards
    Tuesday 27th April 2021

  • Michelle Chu
    Prescribed virtual torsion in the homology of 3-manifolds
    Tuesday 20th April 2021

  • Johan Taflin
    Attractors in holomorphic dynamics
    Tuesday 13th April 2021

  • Carolyn Abbott
    Random walks and quasiconvexity in acylindrically hyperbolic groups
    Tuesday 23rd March 2021

  • Chandrika Sadanand
    Hyperbolic surfaces with cone points and polygonal billiards
    Tuesday 16th March 2021

  • Hugo Parlier
    Curves, surfaces and intersection
    Tuesday 9th March 2021

  • Arielle Leitner
    Deformations of Generalized Cusps on Convex Projective Manifolds
    Tuesday 2nd March 2021

  • Rylee Lyman
    Folding-like Techniques for CAT(0) Cube Complexes
    Tuesday 23rd February 2021

  • Didac Martinez Granado
    Geodesic currents and the smoothing property
    Monday 15th February 2021

  • Rose Morris-Wright
    A Deligne Complex for Artin Monoids (Based on joint work with Rachael Boyd and Ruth Charney)
    Tuesday 9th February 2021

  • Dusa McDuff
    The symplectic embedding problem
    Tuesday 26th January 2021

  • Marissa Miller
    Geometry of the genus two handlebody group
    Tuesday 19th January 2021

  • Yulan Qing
    Sublinearly Morse Boundary of Groups
    Tuesday 12th January 2021

  • Nima Hoda
    Strongly shortcut spaces
    Tuesday 15th December 2020

  • Nick Wilkins
    A construction of Steenrod squares and their quantum counterparts
    Tuesday 8th December 2020

  • Joseph Wells
    Complex hyperbolic hybrids
    Tuesday 1st December 2020

  • Lorenzo Ruffoni *note unusual day and time*
    Projective structures, representations, and ODEs on surfaces.
    Monday 23rd November 2020

  • David Hume *note unusual day and time*
    Geometry of acylindrically hyperbolic groups
    Monday 16th November 2020

  • Jean-Pierre Mutanguha
    Finding relative immersions of free groups
    Tuesday 10th November 2020

  • Jing Tao
    Polygons, Horogons, and the Nielsen-Thurston Classification Theorem
    Tuesday 3rd November 2020

  • Aaron Fenyes
    Hyperbolic surfaces as singular flat surfaces
    Tuesday 27th October 2020

  • Luke Jeffreys
    The statistical hyperbolicity of Teichmüller space
    Tuesday 20th October 2020