Combinatorics Seminars

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Past Seminars:

  • Hassan Izanloo
    [Postponed until further notice due to COVID-19 outbreak.] The volume and the Ehrhart polynomial of the alternating sign matrix polytope
    Tuesday 5th May 2020

  • Angelica Pachon
    [Postponed until further notice due to COVID-19 outbreak.]
    Tuesday 28th April 2020

  • James Aaronson
    Tuesday 21st April 2020

  • George Shakan
    [POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] (An analytic approach to Sumsets)
    Tuesday 24th March 2020

  • Candida Bowtell
    [POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] (Matchings in $k$-partite $k$-graphs)
    Tuesday 17th March 2020

  • Ehud Friedgut
    Five and a half proofs of one theorem
    Tuesday 10th March 2020

  • Julian Sahasrabudhe
    On Combinatorial discrepancy and an old problem of J.E. Littlewood
    Tuesday 3rd March 2020

  • Imre Leader
    Decomposing the Complete r-Graph
    Friday 28th February 2020

  • Audie Warren
    Affine group energy
    Tuesday 25th February 2020

  • Carla Groenland
    Reconstruction from a partial deck of cards
    Tuesday 18th February 2020

  • Sarah Peluse
    Bounds in the polynomial Szemer\'edi theorem
    Tuesday 11th February 2020

  • Eoin Long
    Distinct degrees in induced subgraphs
    Tuesday 4th February 2020

  • Steven Noble
    Counting delta-matroids
    Tuesday 28th January 2020

  • Laura Eslava
    Branching processes with merges and locality of hypercube’s critical percolation
    Tuesday 21st January 2020

  • Nick Gill
    Some interesting statistics concerning finite primitive permutation groups
    Tuesday 17th December 2019

  • Ben Barber
    Stable isoperimetry in lattice-like graphs
    Tuesday 10th December 2019

  • Nóra Frankl
    On the number of discrete chains in the plane
    Tuesday 3rd December 2019

  • David Ellis
    Families of permutations with a forbidden intersection
    Tuesday 26th November 2019

  • Alex Fink
    Tutte characters for combinatorial coalgebras
    Tuesday 19th November 2019

  • Iain Moffatt
    From graph duals to matrix pivots: a tour through delta-matorids
    Tuesday 12th November 2019

  • Nick Brettell
    On excluded-minor characterisations of representable matroids
    Tuesday 5th November 2019

  • Ben Smith
    Staircases and tropical polyhedra
    Tuesday 29th October 2019

  • Thomas Johnston
    Lipschitz bijections between boolean functions
    Tuesday 22nd October 2019

  • Borys Kuca
    Polynomial Szemeredi theorem
    Tuesday 15th October 2019

  • Maura Paterson
    Authentication codes and related structures
    Tuesday 8th October 2019

  • Maryam Sharifzadeh
    Asymptotic Structure for the Clique Density Theorem
    Tuesday 1st October 2019

  • Anthony Nixon
    Global rigidity of linearly constrained frameworks
    Tuesday 24th September 2019

  • Thomas Bloom
    Tuesday 18th June 2019

  • Thomas Bloom
    Thursday 13th June 2019

  • Robert Fraser
    Large Sets Avoiding Polynomial Configurations
    Tuesday 30th April 2019

  • Alberto Espuny Díaz
    Resilient degree sequences with respect to Hamiltonicity in random graphs
    Tuesday 2nd April 2019

  • Rachel Kirsch
    Many cliques with no large stars
    Tuesday 26th March 2019

  • Matthew Coulson
    Rainbow Hamilton Cycles in Dirac Graphs
    Tuesday 19th March 2019

  • Akos Magyar
    Geometric Ramsey theory on the integer lattice
    Tuesday 12th March 2019

  • William Raynaud
    Smallest cyclically covering subspaces of F_q^n
    Tuesday 5th March 2019

  • Natalie Behague
    Semi-perfect 1-Factorizations of the Hypercube
    Tuesday 26th February 2019

  • Mykhaylo Tyomkyn
    The Brown-Erdős-Sós conjecture in groups
    Tuesday 19th February 2019

  • Johannes Carmesin
    Embedding simply connected 2-complexes in 3-space
    Tuesday 5th February 2019

  • Yani Pehova
    Decomposing graphs into edges and triangles
    Tuesday 29th January 2019

  • Katherine Staden
    The bandwidth theorem for locally dense graphs
    Tuesday 18th December 2018

  • Matthew Aldridge
    Group testing in the linear regime
    Tuesday 11th December 2018

  • David Conlon
    Tuesday 27th November 2018

  • Aled Walker
    Kneser's theorem and primes in arithmetic progressions, or 'A little combinatorics goes a long way'
    Tuesday 20th November 2018

  • Viktor Zamaraev
    On forbidden induced subgraphs for unit disk graphs
    Tuesday 6th November 2018

  • Kevin Grace
    Templates for Representable Matroids
    Tuesday 9th October 2018

  • Christian Konrad
    Streaming Algorithms for Matchings
    Tuesday 2nd October 2018

  • Joshua Erde
    Bounding the cop number of a graph by its genus
    Tuesday 18th September 2018

  • George Shakan
    On new sum-product inequalities for small sets
    Tuesday 4th September 2018

  • Taísa Martins
    Step Sidorenko property and non-norming edge-transitive graphs
    Tuesday 29th May 2018

  • Andrey Kupavskii
    The Erdos Matching Conjecture and related questions.
    Tuesday 1st May 2018

  • Konrad Swanepoel
    Ordinary hyperplanes and space curves
    Tuesday 17th April 2018

  • Gabriel Conant
    VC-dimension, pseudofinite groups, and arithmetic regularity
    Friday 13th April 2018

  • Andrew Treglown
    Some results on sums in the integers
    Tuesday 27th March 2018

  • Michelle Delcourt
    On the List Coloring Version of Reed's Conjecture
    Friday 9th March 2018

  • Ilya Shkredov
    Tuesday 6th March 2018

  • Jonathan Noel
    Reconfiguring Graph Colourings and Homomorphisms
    Tuesday 6th February 2018

  • Ben Barber
    Isoperimetry in integer lattices
    Tuesday 30th January 2018

  • Misha Rudnev
    Tuesday 12th December 2017

  • Julia Wolf
    Tuesday 5th December 2017

  • Maryam Sharifzadeh
    On the maximum number of integer colourings with forbidden monochromatic sums
    Tuesday 28th November 2017

  • Jonathan Bennett
    The Kakeya-Brascamp-Lieb inequality
    Tuesday 21st November 2017

  • Sean Prendiville
    Rado's criterion over higher powers.
    Tuesday 7th November 2017

  • Dmitry Zhelezov
    Tuesday 31st October 2017

  • Brendan Murphy
    Solymosi's conjecture for rich lines in general position
    Tuesday 24th October 2017

  • Laura Mancinska
    Relaxations of Graph Isomorphism
    Tuesday 30th May 2017