Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Seminars

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Past Seminars:

  • Irene Pasquinelli
    Mapping class group orbit closures for non-orientable surfaces
    Thursday 6th June 2024

  • Simon Machado
    Brunn—Minkowski in compact Lie groups
    Thursday 2nd May 2024

  • Jamie Walton
    Cut and projects, substitutions and patterns that are both
    Thursday 25th April 2024

  • Chris Lutsko
    Hyperbolic lattice point counting in unbounded rank
    Thursday 18th April 2024

  • Ronnie Pavlov
    Subshifts with very low word complexity
    Thursday 18th April 2024

  • Joe Myers Hill
    Mixing in non-monotonic piecewise-linear toral maps
    Thursday 14th March 2024

  • Simon Baker
    Polynomial Fourier decay for fractal measures and their pushforwards
    Thursday 7th March 2024

  • Xintian Zhang
    Hausdorff dimension of the set of \psi-badly approximable points on R^d
    Thursday 29th February 2024

  • Mike Todd
    Continuity of measures in nonuniformly hyperbolic settings
    Thursday 15th February 2024

  • Wooyeon Kim
    The set of exceptions to the inhomogeneous uniform version of Littlewood conjecture
    Thursday 8th February 2024

  • Petra Staynova
    On Arithmetic Progressions in Substitution Sequences
    Thursday 1st February 2024

  • Joel Moreira
    Partition Regularity of Pythagorean Pairs
    Thursday 25th January 2024

  • Jonathan Fraser
    The Assouad spectrum of Gatzouras-Lalley carpets
    Monday 8th January 2024

  • Victor Shirandami
    Dense Forests Constructed from Grids
    Thursday 14th December 2023

  • Gabriel Fuhrmann
    On the lack of equidistribution on fat Cantor sets
    Thursday 7th December 2023

  • Donald Robertson
    Sumsets and Ergodic Decompositions
    Thursday 30th November 2023

  • Viveka Erlandsson
    Counting geodesics of given commutator length
    Thursday 23rd November 2023

  • Alex Rutar
    Assouad dimension and tangents of dynamically invariant sets
    Thursday 16th November 2023

  • Maryam Hosseini
    Dimension Group and Zero Dimensional Dynamical Systems
    Thursday 9th November 2023

  • Sean Prendiville
    A multidimensional version of a nonlinear Roth theorem
    Thursday 2nd November 2023

  • David Parmenter
    Constructing equilibrium states for some hyperbolic systems
    Thursday 26th October 2023

  • Sam Chow
    Inhomogeneous Kaufman measures and diophantine approximation
    Thursday 19th October 2023

  • Hamed Mousavi
    Pointwise ergodic theorem along the primes
    Thursday 12th October 2023

  • Jean Lagacé
    Distribution statistics for cut-and-project sets
    Thursday 5th October 2023

  • Yaar Solomon
    Periodicity of joint co-tiles in Z^d.
    Wednesday 20th September 2023

  • Ian Morris
    Exceptional self-affine sets and projections
    Monday 7th August 2023

  • Yann Chaubet
    Dynamical zeta functions counting triangles and Betti numbers
    Thursday 8th June 2023

  • Tony Samuel
    On β-shifts with a hole
    Thursday 1st June 2023

  • Tuomas Sahlsten
    Quantum chaos on random surfaces
    Thursday 27th April 2023

  • Amlan Banaji
    Dimensions of infinitely generated self-conformal sets
    Thursday 20th April 2023

  • Gaëtan Borot
    An introduction to topological recursion
    Thursday 6th April 2023

  • Faustin Adiceam *rescheduled to noon*
    Badly approximable vectors and Littlewood-type problems
    Thursday 30th March 2023

  • Alexander Strohmaier
    Wave trace expansions in obstacle scattering and their application to the Casimir effect
    Thursday 23rd March 2023

  • Oleksiy Klurman
    Furstenberg systems of multiplicative functions and beyond
    Thursday 9th March 2023

  • Reem Yassawi
    Torsion-free S-adic shifts and their spectrum
    Thursday 2nd March 2023

  • Ben Krause
    Pointwise Ergodic Theory II
    Thursday 16th February 2023

  • Nalini Anantharaman
    On a result by Dang and Rivière
    Thursday 9th February 2023

  • Sabrina Kombrink
    Parallel volumes and spectral counting functions for fractals
    Thursday 2nd February 2023

  • Polina Vytnova
    Dimension function of the Lagrange and Markov spectra
    Thursday 26th January 2023

  • Xintian Zhang *cancelled*
    The talk has been cancelled
    Thursday 15th December 2022

  • Michal Rams
    Cocycles of circle diffeomorphisms
    Thursday 8th December 2022

  • Timothée Bénard
    Local limit theorem on nilpotent Lie groups
    Thursday 1st December 2022

  • Natalia Jurga
    Cover times in dynamical systems
    Thursday 17th November 2022

  • William Hide
    Short geodesics and small eigenvalues on random hyperbolic punctured spheres
    Thursday 10th November 2022

  • Jory Griffin
    The Low-Density Limit of the Quantum Lorentz Gas
    Thursday 3rd November 2022

  • Thomas Jordan
    The shrinking target problem for certain self-affine systems.
    Thursday 27th October 2022

  • David Parmenter
    Gibbs measures for hyperbolic attractors defined by densities
    Thursday 13th October 2022

  • Giovanni Forni
    Effective ergodicity of nilflows and bound on Weyl sums
    Thursday 6th October 2022

  • Sascha Troscheit
    Analytical properties of real valued functions through continuum trees
    Thursday 14th July 2022

  • Selim Ghazouani
    Generic dynamics and affine structures on surfaces
    Wednesday 1st June 2022

  • Niloofar Kiamari
    Locating Ruelle-Pollicott resonances
    Thursday 26th May 2022

  • Thomas Witdouck
    On closed manifolds admitting an Anosov diffeomorphism but no expanding map
    Thursday 19th May 2022

  • Sascha Troscheit
    The box-counting dimension in one-dimensional random geometry of multiplicative cascades
    Thursday 5th May 2022

  • Samuel Edwards
    Mixing, counting, and equidistribution for higher-rank homogeneous spaces of infinite volume
    Thursday 28th April 2022

  • Farhad Babaee
    Dynamical Tropicalisation
    Thursday 31st March 2022

  • Benjamin Ward
    The measure of Badly approximable sets
    Thursday 24th March 2022

  • Aernout van Enter
    One-sided versus two-sided regularity properties
    Thursday 17th March 2022

  • Demi Allen
    An inhomogeneous Khintchine-Groshev Theorem without monotonicity
    Thursday 10th March 2022

  • Meng Wu
    All self-conformal measures are uniform scaling
    Thursday 3rd March 2022

  • Örjan Stenflo
    Random iterations of homeomorphisms on the circle
    Thursday 24th February 2022

  • Yotam Smilansky
    Order and disorder in multiscale substitution tilings
    Thursday 10th February 2022

  • Michał Rams
    Weighted Cesaro averages
    Thursday 3rd February 2022

  • Laura Monk
    The spectral gap of random hyperbolic surfaces
    Thursday 16th December 2021

  • Felix Flicker *notice unusual time*
    *New title* Hamiltonian cycles on Ammann Beenker tilings
    Thursday 9th December 2021

  • Leticia Pardo Simon
    Transcendental entire functions with Cantor bouquet Julia sets
    Thursday 2nd December 2021

  • Balazs Barany
    Dynamically defined subsets of generic self-affine sets
    Thursday 25th November 2021

  • *Cancelled* Gabriella Keszthelyi
    Thursday 18th November 2021

  • Solly Coles
    Helicity and linking for 3-dimensional Anosov flows
    Thursday 11th November 2021

  • Dalia Terhesiu
    On periodic Lorentz gases with small scatterers
    Thursday 4th November 2021

  • Dan Rust
    Substitutions on compact alphabet
    Thursday 28th October 2021

  • Michael Bersudsky
    Linnik's problem and statistics of orthogonal grids of primitive integral vectors
    Thursday 21st October 2021

  • Simon Baker
    Normal numbers and self-similar measures.
    Thursday 14th October 2021

  • Mark Holland
    Dichotomy results for eventually always hitting time statistics and almost sure growth of extremes
    Thursday 7th October 2021

  • Emmanuel Breuillard
    Approximate lattices and quasi-crystals
    Thursday 17th June 2021

  • Lawrence Lee
    L^q-spectra of measures on non-conformal attractors
    Thursday 6th May 2021

  • Surabhi Desai
    Dynamical Borel-Cantelli lemmas of intermittent maps
    Thursday 29th April 2021

  • Tal Horesh
    Distribution of primitive lattices and their flags
    Thursday 22nd April 2021

  • Jens Marklof
    The three gap theorem in higher dimensions
    Thursday 25th March 2021

  • Godofredo Iommi
    The Halász-Székely Barycenter
    Thursday 18th March 2021

  • Krystal Taylor *unusual time*
    Quantifications of the Besicovitch Projection theorem in a nonlinear setting
    Thursday 11th March 2021

  • Zemer Kosloff
    Factors of non-stationary Bernoulli shifts
    Thursday 4th March 2021

  • Asaf Katz
    Measure rigidity of Anosov flows via the factorization method
    Thursday 25th February 2021

  • Sascha Troscheit
    A dimension theory approach to embeddings in random geometry.
    Thursday 18th February 2021

  • Baowei Wang
    Intrinsic Diophantine approximation on triadic Cantor set: the divergence theory
    Thursday 4th February 2021

  • Charlene Kalle
    Critical intermittency in random dynamical systems
    Thursday 10th December 2020

  • Antti Käenmäki
    Super-exponential condensation without exact overlaps
    Thursday 3rd December 2020

  • Tushar Das
    New results in the dimension theory of continued fraction Cantor sets
    Thursday 26th November 2020

  • Bassam Fayad
    Multilple Borel Cantelli lemma and applications
    Thursday 26th November 2020

  • Kornelia Hera *unusual time*
    Hausdorff dimension of unions of affine subspaces and related problems
    Thursday 19th November 2020

  • Osama Khalil *unusual time*
    Random Walks, Spectral Gaps, and Khinchine Theorem on Fractals
    Thursday 12th November 2020

  • Wenyu Pan
    Exponential mixing of geodesic flows for geometrically finite hyperbolic manifolds with cusps
    Thursday 5th November 2020

  • Nguyen-Thi Dang
    Topological mixing of the Weyl Chamber flow
    Thursday 29th October 2020

  • Reem Yassawi *unusual time*
    Tame or wild Toeplitz shifts
    Thursday 22nd October 2020

  • Polina Vytnova
    Hausdorff dimension estimates: going beyond periodic points
    Thursday 22nd October 2020

  • Matthew Welsh
    Pair correlation for roots of quadratic congruences
    Thursday 8th October 2020

  • Henna Koivusalo
    Path-dependent, shrinking, moving targets and beyond, on generic self-affine sets
    Thursday 1st October 2020

  • Felipe Perez
    Limit laws for intermittent sequential and random dynamical systems
    Thursday 18th June 2020

  • Tom Kempton
    Measures on distances between polynomials.
    Thursday 11th June 2020

  • Victor Beresnevich
    Badly approximable points: games, measures and dynamics
    Thursday 28th May 2020

  • Joel Moreira
    Multiple recurrence for polynomial and non-polynomial sequences
    Thursday 21st May 2020

  • Pablo Shmerkin
    Covering the Sierpinski carpet by tubes
    Thursday 14th May 2020

  • Tanja Schindler
    Multifractal analysis of the Thue--Morse measure
    Thursday 7th May 2020

  • Alexia Yavicoli
    On the dimension of sets that avoid approximate arithmetic progressions
    Thursday 23rd April 2020

  • Erik Contreras
    K-rational approximations in k-Luroth expansions
    Thursday 16th April 2020

  • Erik Contreras (Seminar cancelled)
    Thursday 26th March 2020

  • Felipe Perez (seminar cancelled)
    Thursday 19th March 2020

  • Charles Walkden
    Stability Index and Weierstrass Functions
    Thursday 12th March 2020

  • Reynold Fregoli
    Bounded Exponential Sums
    Thursday 5th March 2020

  • Istvan Kolossvary
    Typical self-similar and self-conformal attractors on the line
    Thursday 27th February 2020

  • Liviana Palmisano
    Attractors and their stability.
    Thursday 6th February 2020

  • Connor Stevens
    Fourier Transforms of nonlinear Markov map invariant measures
    Thursday 30th January 2020

  • Julia Slipantschuk
    Pollicott-Ruelle resonances for analytic expanding and hyperbolic maps
    Thursday 19th December 2019

  • Jason Levesley
    Dirichlet Systems, singular points and extremal sets
    Thursday 12th December 2019

  • Maik Gröger
    Dimension gap, escaping sets and thermodynamic formalism for transient dynamics on the real line
    Thursday 5th December 2019

  • John Mackay – POSTPONED
    Decompositions of hyperbolic groups and conformal dimension
    Thursday 28th November 2019

  • Tuomas Sahlsten
    Obstructions to localisation of functions in both position and momentum at fractals
    Thursday 21st November 2019

  • Carlangelo Liverani
    Quantitive statistical properties for partially hyperbolic system
    Thursday 14th November 2019

  • Simon Baker
    The metric Poissonian property for powers of real numbers
    Thursday 7th November 2019

  • Selim Ghazouani
    Linearisation of smooth interval exchange transformations
    Thursday 31st October 2019

  • Jonathan Fraser
    Kleinian groups, parabolic points, and dimension
    Thursday 24th October 2019

  • Gwyneth Stallard
    Wandering domains in complex dynamics
    Thursday 17th October 2019

  • Natalia Jurga
    Effective estimates on the top Lyapunov exponent of random matrix products
    Thursday 10th October 2019

  • Thomas Jordan
    Dimension of ergodic measures projected onto self-similar sets
    Thursday 3rd October 2019

  • Douglas Coates
    Semistable laws for wobbly intermittent maps
    Thursday 13th June 2019

  • Ariel Rapaport
    Dimension of planar self-affine measures
    Thursday 6th June 2019

  • Neil Dobbs
    Knobbly but nice
    Thursday 30th May 2019

  • Ian Morris
    A dimension gap between self-affine measures and self-affine sets.
    Tuesday 28th May 2019

  • Ana Rodrigues
    Recent advances on fair measures and fair entropy
    Thursday 23rd May 2019

  • Detta Dickinson
    *CANCELLED* The distribution of algebraic conjugate points in small boxes
    Thursday 16th May 2019

  • Kevin Hughes
    Towards quantitative equidistribution theorems in harmonic analysis
    Thursday 16th May 2019

  • Ofer Shwartz
    Thursday 9th May 2019

  • Catherine Bruce
    Projections of Gibbs measures on self-conformal sets
    Thursday 2nd May 2019

  • Xin Zhang
    Fine scale statistics of fractal sets
    Thursday 4th April 2019

  • Çağrı Sert
    The joint spectrum
    Thursday 21st March 2019

  • Balázs Bárány
    Hausdorff dimension of self-similar measures with complicated overlaps
    Thursday 21st March 2019

  • Ian Morris
    *Cancelled* A dimension gap between self-affine measures and self-affine sets.
    Thursday 14th March 2019

  • Italo Cipriano
    Time change for flows
    Thursday 28th February 2019

  • Yuri Lima
    Markov partitions for billiards
    Thursday 21st February 2019

  • Pedro Peres
    Existence of non-trivial embeddings of Interval Exchange Transformations into Piecewise Isometries
    Thursday 7th February 2019

  • Demi Allen
    Approximation on the Cantor set and some of its inhomogeneous friends
    Thursday 31st January 2019

  • Federica Fanoni
    Curve graphs for infinite-type surfaces
    Thursday 20th December 2018

  • George Kenison
    Skolem's problem and prime powers
    Thursday 13th December 2018

  • Stephen Cantrell
    Comparing word length with displacement for actions on CAT(-1) spaces
    Thursday 6th December 2018

  • Leticia Pardo Simon
    Escaping dynamics of a class of transcendental functions
    Thursday 29th November 2018

  • Yotam Smilansky
    Multiscale substitution schemes and Kakutani sequences of partitions
    Thursday 22nd November 2018

  • Richard Sharp
    Representations of surface groups, zeta functions and counting
    Thursday 15th November 2018

  • Felipe Perez
    Dimension of measures with infinite entropy
    Thursday 25th October 2018

  • Chris Lutsko
    Directions in Orbits of Discrete Hyperbolic Subgroups
    Thursday 18th October 2018

  • Pablo Shmerkin
    Some new results and some open questions about the middle-thirds Cantor set
    Thursday 11th October 2018

  • Rhiannon Dougall
    Critical exponents for normal subgroups via a twisted Bowen-Margulis current
    Thursday 4th October 2018

  • Danijela Damjanovic
    Global rigidity for Anosov actions
    Thursday 7th June 2018

  • Michael Magee
    Thermodynamical approach to the Markoff-Hurwitz equation
    Thursday 24th May 2018

  • Yiannis Konstantoulas
    Symplectic geometry of numbers
    Thursday 17th May 2018

  • David Simmons
    Title: Dimension gaps in self-affine sponges
    Thursday 10th May 2018

  • Gabriele Mondello
    On some properties of spherical surfaces with conical singularities and their moduli spaces
    Thursday 3rd May 2018

  • Kathryn Spalding
    Growth of values of binary quadratic forms and Conway rivers
    Thursday 26th April 2018

  • Livio Flaminio
    Nil-sequences, multiplicative functions and asymptotic orthogonal powers
    Thursday 19th April 2018

  • Gabriel Paternain
    Carleman estimates for geodesic X-ray transforms.
    Thursday 22nd March 2018

  • Alex Gorodnik
    Discrepancy in Geometry of Numbers and Dynamics
    Thursday 15th March 2018

  • Irene Pasquinelli
    Deligne-Mostow lattices and cone metrics on the sphere
    Thursday 8th March 2018

  • Ofir David
    Equidistribution of divergent orbits in the space of lattices
    Thursday 1st March 2018

  • Christopher Leininger
    Dynamics of splittings of free-by-cyclic groups
    Thursday 22nd February 2018

  • Henna Koivusalo
    Cut and project sets, linear repetition of patterns, and the Littlewood conjecture
    Thursday 15th February 2018

  • Giovanni Forni
    On Mixing rates for time-changes of Heisenberg Nilflows
    Monday 8th January 2018

  • Oliver Sargent
    Random walks on homogeneous spaces of non-lattice type
    Thursday 14th December 2017

  • Mariusz Lemanczyk
    Moebius orthogonality in dynamics
    Thursday 30th November 2017

  • Vladimir Finkelshtein
    Diophantine approximation problems for groups of toral automorphisms.
    Thursday 23rd November 2017

  • Michael Bromberg
    Temporal distributional limit theorem for cocycles over rotations
    Thursday 16th November 2017

  • George Kenison
    Statistics in conjugacy classes in free groups
    Thursday 9th November 2017

  • Natalia Jurga
    Dimension of Bernoulli measures for non-linear countable Markov maps
    Thursday 2nd November 2017

  • Mike Todd
    Phase transitions and limit laws
    Thursday 26th October 2017

  • Kevin Hughes
    Towards an ergodic Hasse principle
    Thursday 19th October 2017

  • Kieran Jarrett
    Non-singular ergodic theorems for countable group actions
    Thursday 12th October 2017

  • Dalia Terhesiu
    Some new statistical properties of piecewise linear Fibonacci maps
    Thursday 5th October 2017

  • Chris Lutsko
    Thursday 30th March 2017