Heilbronn: Perspectives on the Riemann Hypothesis

Monday 4th JuneThursday 7th June 2018

A meeting on the Riemann Hypothesis, and on the theory of the zeta-function and other L-functions.

Speakers to include:

K. Ball (Warwick)
E. Bombieri (IAS, Princeton)
A. Booker (Bristol)
A. Connes (IHES)
B. Conrey (AIM)
A. Florea (Stanford)
N. Katz (Princeton)
P. Garrett (Minnesota)
S. Patterson (Göttingen)
M. Radziwill (McGill)
P. Sarnak (Princeton)
W. Sawin (ETH Zurich)
C. Skinner (Princeton)
K. Soundararajan (Stanford)
T. Tao (UCLA)
F. Villegas (ICTP)
W. Zhang (M.I.T)
Organisers: J.B. Conrey (AIM/Bristol), J.P. Keating (Bristol), P. Sarnak (Princeton), A. Wiles (Oxford)
Registration is now closed and all places for the conference have been allocated.
This event is organised in partnership with: American Institute of Mathematics, University of Bristol, Clay Mathematics Institute, EPSRC, Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research and the National Science Foundation  
Problem Session:
Videos to follow
*Applies to expenses incurred exceptionally as a result of attending the conference
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