Operator Growth and Many-Body Quantum Chaos

Monday 13th JulyWednesday 15th July 2020

2.04 The Fry Building, School of Mathematics

An`It from Qubit’ affiliated workshop to be held at the School of Mathematics, University of Bristol

The study of chaos in many-body quantum systems has recently undergone a renaissance made possible by combining insights from quantum field theory, quantum gravity and quantum information. This workshop will bring together a range of researchers from these fields in order to discuss several open problems. Key focus areas will include: How to describe the spreading of operators, quantum information and entanglement in chaotic systems? How can one quantify the notion of operator size and what is its relation to gravity in holographic systems? Can these new insights help in obtaining new fundamental bounds on thermalization and transport in quantum systems?

Workshop Organizer

Mike Blake (University of Bristol)

Key participants include

Richard Davison (Herriot-Watt University)

Jon Keating (University of Oxford)

Vedika Khemani (Stanford University)

Noah Linden (University of Bristol)

Hong Liu * (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Andrew Lucas (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Sebastian Müller (University of Bristol)

Adam Nahum (University of Oxford)

Martin Sieber (University of Bristol)

Julian Sonner (University of Geneva)

Alexandre Streicher (IAS/Perimeter Institute)

Brian Swingle (University of Maryland)

Ying Zhao * (IAS)

*to be confirmed.


We have a limited capacity to accommodate a number of extra participants in this workshop (although we are unlikely to be able to provide any financial support). If you would be interested in participating please complete the following form.


This workshop will be supported by the Simons Collaboration `It From Qubit’, The School of Mathematics and the Institute for Mathematical Physics at the University of Bristol, and the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research.

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