Matrix Society Talk Series – Monday 18 February

Monday 18th FebruaryMonday 18th February 2019

Join us on Monday 18 February, 6pm, SM2 for the first of this terms Matrix talks, designed to show off bits of maths that you won’t see in lectures – no special knowledge required!


Title: Password hacking, the de Bruijn way – Dan Fretwell

Abstract: How does one brute force a password of length n? You try all the possibilities of course*.

But what if the machine lets you type until the correct password is entered? Then you can do much better…by using de Bruijn sequences**!

Intrigued? Then come along. There might even be magic***…

(* not recommended)

(** also not recommended, but is definitely better…honest)

(*** a poor attempt at, but probably worth coming for just in case I mess it up)


Title: The Circles of Apollonius – Nick Rome

Abstract: Over 2000 years ago, the Greek mathematician Apollonius of Perga described how given three touching circles you can construct two more that touch each of the original circles. This neat construction is still studied today leading to all sorts of interesting questions in geometry, fractals, group theory and number theory.


The talk will take place in SM2 from 6pm – 7pm. The talk is open to all, booking is not required.
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