How to Win a Million Dollars – Sophie Stevens

Thursday 1st FebruaryThursday 1st February 2018

Some problems are easy. Some problems are hard. Some problems seem so hard that they’ve got a bounty to their name. One such problem is a meta-problem: a problem about problems. Or, to give it a name, P vs NP: are problems really as hard as we think they are? If so, what does this mean for maths, computing and even humanity itself? This talk will introduce and explain the problem, hardness and complexity theory. And who knows, maybe you’ll even win a million dollars…

This talk forms part of the Matrix series of evening talks, designed to show off bits of maths that you won’t see in lectures – no special knowledge required!

The talk will be held in Mott Lecture Theatre, Physics, from 6pm – 7pm.


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