Heilbronn Annual Conference 2022

Thursday 8th SeptemberFriday 9th September 2022

The Heilbronn Institute, University of Bristol, UK

The Heilbronn Annual Conference is the institute’s flagship event. It takes place over two days and it covers a broad range of mathematics, including algebra, combinatorics, data science, geometry, number theory, probability, quantum information. It brings together members of the Institute, distinguished visiting speakers, and other members of the UK mathematical community. This year we welcome eight distinguished speakers, to deliver lectures intended to be accessible to a general audience of mathematicians.

Invited Speakers:

Viviane Baladi (LPSM, Paris, France)
Jennifer Balakrishnan (Boston, USA)
Martin Bridson (Oxford, UK)
Toby Cubitt (UCL, UK)
Nicolas Curien (Paris-Sud Orsay, France)
Laure Saint-Raymond (ENS-Lyon, France)
Laura Schaposnik (Illinois, Chicago, USA)
Benny Sudakov (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)

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For more information please email the Heilbronn events team at  heilbronn-coordinator@bristol.ac.uk

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