Colloquium – Peter Landrock, Cryptomathic

Tuesday 8th OctoberTuesday 8th October 2019

Title: The mathematics behind digital signatures

Public Key Cryptography as we use it, with billions of transactions being executed every day, was first developed respectively 50 years ago in the case of RSA and modular exponentiation, and 35 years ago in the case of elliptic curves. If quantum computers are developed at a sufficiently advanced level, currently used methods will no longer be considered secure due to Schor’s algorithm.

But the mathematics behind them remains fascinating and is connected to several interesting questions and conjectures in number theory, which is the main focus of the talk. Topics will include short orbits for the discrete logarithm map, and properties of primes that are congruent to 1 modulo 4.

Further information

The talk will be held in the Fry Building, room 2.41, from 4pm – 5pm and will be followed by a drinks reception in the Maths common room.

The event is open to University of Bristol staff and students, as well as the general public.

To help us plan numbers, we ask that you please register in advance via Eventbrite.

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