Algebra and Geometry Seminars

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Past Seminars:

  • [POSTPONED] Niamh Farrell
    Wednesday 25th March 2020

  • Benjamin Bruck
    Wednesday 4th March 2020

  • Cheryl Praeger
    Diagonal structures and primitive permutation groups
    Wednesday 26th February 2020

  • Johannes Hofscheier
    Generalised flatness constants, spanning lattice polytopes, and the Gromov width
    Wednesday 19th February 2020

  • Jay Taylor
    Unitriangularity of Decomposition Matrices of Unipotent Blocks
    Wednesday 5th February 2020

  • Justin McInroy
    The structure of axial algebras
    Wednesday 29th January 2020

  • Robert Kropholler
    Boundaries of right-angled Artin groups
    Wednesday 22nd January 2020

  • James Williams
    Abelian-like properties in p-groups
    Wednesday 18th December 2019

  • Louise Sutton
    Decomposable Specht modules for Hecke algebras
    Thursday 12th December 2019

  • Katie Vokes – cancelled
    Wednesday 4th December 2019

  • Davide Spriano
    The local-to-global property for Morse quasi-geodesics.
    Wednesday 4th December 2019

  • Oleg Karpenkov
    Geometry of continued fractions
    Wednesday 27th November 2019

  • Mehdi Yazdi
    The complexity of the knot genus problem
    Wednesday 20th November 2019

  • Isobel Webster
    A lattice isomorphism theorem for cluster groups of type A
    Wednesday 13th November 2019

  • Radhika Gupta
    Uniform exponential growth for groups acting on CAT(0) cube complexes
    Wednesday 6th November 2019

  • Noah Arbesfeld
    Donaldson-Thomas theory and the Hilbert scheme of points on a surface
    Wednesday 30th October 2019

  • Ian Leary
    CAT(0) groups need not be biautomatic
    Wednesday 23rd October 2019

  • Bianca Loda
    On the relational complexity for finite primitive groups
    Wednesday 16th October 2019

  • Dan Berlyne (*extra, special second talk!*)
    Graph products as hierarchically hyperbolic groups
    Wednesday 9th October 2019

  • Konstantin Loginov
    Semistable degenerations of Fano varieties
    Wednesday 9th October 2019

  • Daniel Woodhouse
    Action rigidity of free products of hyperbolic manifold groups
    Wednesday 2nd October 2019

  • Matteo Parisi
    Amplituhedra: Jeffrey-Kirwan Residue and Secondary Geometry
    Wednesday 26th June 2019

  • CANCELED – Nelly Villamizar
    Wednesday 19th June 2019

  • Laura Jakobsson
    The category of cellular resolutions
    Wednesday 12th June 2019

  • Lukasz Grabowski
    Approximation of groups with respect to the rank metric
    Wednesday 5th June 2019

  • Groups and Applications “Triangle”: Infinite Groups
    Wednesday 29th May 2019

  • Mikko Korhonen
    A counterexample to a conjecture of Steinberg
    Wednesday 15th May 2019

  • Yoav Len
    Prym varieties associated to graphs
    Friday 3rd May 2019

  • Sara Lamboglia
    Tropical Fano schemes
    Wednesday 1st May 2019

  • Hipolito Treffinger
    Bricks, walls and chambers
    Wednesday 3rd April 2019

  • Ana Khukhro
    Rigidity of finite quotients
    Wednesday 27th March 2019

  • Gerhard Hiss
    Two conjectures on the Weil representations of the finite symplectic and unitary groups
    Wednesday 6th March 2019

  • Jason Semeraro
    Local representation theory: a topological perspective
    Wednesday 20th February 2019

  • Lara Bossinger
    Toric degenerations of cluster varieties II
    Tuesday 19th February 2019

  • Timothy Magee (University of Birmingham)
    Toric degenerations of cluster varieties I
    Tuesday 19th February 2019

  • Roberto Gualdi
    Arakelov heights in toric varieties
    Wednesday 13th February 2019

  • Clelia Pech
    Geometry of rational curves on some varieties with a Lie group action
    Wednesday 6th February 2019

  • Rod Gow
    Involutions in finite groups and the Frobenius-Schur indicator of characters
    Wednesday 30th January 2019

  • Ben Barrett
    Higher dimensional local connectedness of boundaries of hyperbolic groups
    Wednesday 19th December 2018

  • A3G Conference
    Organiser: Fatemeh Mohammadi
    Tuesday 11th December 2018

  • Carlos Amendola Ceron
    Max-Linear Graphical Models via Tropical Geometry
    Monday 10th December 2018

  • Tara Brough
    Cross-sections and direct products of monoids:
    Thursday 6th December 2018

  • Marianne Johnson
    Upper triangular tropical matrix identities
    Wednesday 5th December 2018

  • Narasimha Chary
    Schubert varieties and Bott-Samelson varieties
    Wednesday 5th December 2018

  • Charles Cox
    Degree of commutativity of infinite groups
    Wednesday 28th November 2018

  • COW Seminar at Bristol
    Local Organiser: Tom Ducat
    Thursday 15th November 2018

  • Louis Theran
    Unlabelled rigidity problems
    Thursday 15th November 2018

  • Jeffrey Herschel Giansiracusa
    Tropical geometry and scheme theory
    Wednesday 7th November 2018

  • Gareth Tracey
    The number of subgroups of a finite group
    Wednesday 31st October 2018

  • Alessandro Sisto
    Dehn filling and drilling, and versions of Cannon's conjecture
    Wednesday 24th October 2018

  • Janet Page
    Symbolic vs. ordinary powers and the containment problem for Hibi rings
    Wednesday 17th October 2018

  • Charles Eaton
    Cataloguing blocks
    Wednesday 10th October 2018

  • Montserrat Casals-Ruiz
    On limit groups over RAAGs
    Wednesday 3rd October 2018

  • Andrea Lucchini
    Graphs encoding the generating properties of a finite group
    Wednesday 6th June 2018

  • Alex Fink
    Stiefel tropical linear spaces
    Thursday 31st May 2018

  • Clara Franchi
    Permutation modules for the symmetric group
    Wednesday 30th May 2018

  • Ric Wade
    The structure of automorphism groups of right-angled Artin groups
    Wednesday 23rd May 2018

  • Tim Burness
    The length and depth of a group
    Wednesday 16th May 2018

  • Scott Harper
    Uniform Domination for Simple Groups
    Wednesday 9th May 2018

  • Laura Ciobanu
    Equations in groups
    Wednesday 2nd May 2018

  • Katerina Hristova
    Representations of complete Kac-Moody groups
    Wednesday 25th April 2018

  • Chris Bowman
    The super strong linkage principle and other curiosities
    Wednesday 21st March 2018

  • Nicholas Touikan
    On the quasi-isometry and commensurability classification of low height constructible groups
    Friday 16th March 2018

  • Richard Wade
    The structure of automorphism groups of right-angled Artin groups
    Wednesday 7th March 2018

  • David Stewart
    Representations of pseudo-reductive groups
    Thursday 1st March 2018

  • Peter Kropholler
    Random walks on Cayley Graphs of Soluble Groups: Connections with Linearity and Amenability.
    Wednesday 21st February 2018

  • Emilio Pierro
    Finite simple quotients of Mapping Class Groups
    Wednesday 14th February 2018

  • LMS Triangle Meeting: Groups and their Applications
    Carlisle King (Imperial), Stacey Law (Cambridge), Nick Gill (South Wales)
    Wednesday 7th February 2018

  • Valentina Grazian
    Fusion and pearls: what is known
    Wednesday 31st January 2018

  • Peter Jørgensen
    Co-t-structures: The First Decade
    Wednesday 24th January 2018

  • Rosanna Laking
    Derived equivalences arising from cotilting modules and finiteness conditions
    Wednesday 6th December 2017

  • Madeleine Whybrow
    Majorana representations of triangle-point groups
    Wednesday 29th November 2017

  • Greg Stevenson
    Relative stable categories of finite groups
    Wednesday 22nd November 2017

  • Alan Logan
    Examples of Makanin-Razborov diagrams
    Wednesday 15th November 2017

  • Simon Peacock
    Representation dimension and separable equivalence
    Wednesday 8th November 2017

  • Benjamin Bode
    Constructing real algebraic links
    Wednesday 1st November 2017

  • Alex Malcolm
    Width questions for finite simple groups
    Wednesday 25th October 2017

  • Markus Linckelmann
    On automorphism groups of finite group algebras
    Wednesday 18th October 2017

  • Drew Duffield
    Finite, Tame and Wild Symmetric Special Multiserial Algebras
    Wednesday 11th October 2017

  • Michael Giudici
    Symmetry of digraphs
    Wednesday 4th October 2017

  • Lleonard Rubio y Degrassi
    Wednesday 31st May 2017