Open lecture: Smart phones and statistics – where is the connection?

Benjamin Meaker visiting Professor: Peter Smith

Date: 18 July 2018
Time: 2pm
Location: Howard House, Level 4 Seminar Room

Although we take them for granted, mobile devices such as smart phones
are small miracles of engineering and electronics. These devices are
constantly evolving and fundamental research and long term planning is
always running in parallel to the deployment of the systems that we use.
This blue sky research is surprising in its heavy use of statistics and
probability. Statistics is used to model the signals received by the
mobile devices and the imperfections in the devices. Statistics is also
used to analyse the performance of these devices and even in designing
the electronics that processes the signals. This talk will explain where
the randomness and statistics arises in mobile phone research and
explain the latest trends in statistical research and development of
mobile phone systems.