Yoav Len

Yoav Len (Georgia Tech)

Prym varieties associated to graphs

Algebra and Geometry Seminar

3rd May 2019, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Howard House, 2nd floor seminar room

My talk will revolve around combinatorial aspects of Abelian varieties. I will focus on Pryms, a class of Abelian varieties that occurs in the presence of double covers, and have deep connections with torsion points of Jacobians, bi-tangent lines of curves, and spin structures. I will explain how problems concerning Pryms may be reduced, via tropical geometry, to problems on metric graphs. As a consequence, we obtain new results concerning the geometry of special algebraic curves, and bounds on dimensions of certain Brill–Noether loci. This is joint work with Martin Ulirsch.

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