Sidharth Jaggi

University of Bristol

Communication in the presence of adversarial jamming: The curious case of the erasure channel

Statistics Seminar

20th November 2020, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Abstract: Alice wishes to communicate with Bob, but the malicious jammer James wishes to stop this communication from occurring. What can she do? In this talk I'll explore recent discoveries/capacity-characterizations in a variety of settings (the role of causality in James' jamming, the role of myopicity in his observations, the interplay between these two, and the effect of rate-limited feedback). I'll focus on one of the simplest non-trivial jamming channels -- the case of a binary input channel, in which James may erase a constant fraction of transmissions -- even here, interesting phenomena occur. Time permitting, I may also briefly describe generalizations to other jamming channels/scenarios.

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