Sebastiano Tronto

Université du Luxembourg

Kummer theory for algebraic groups

Linfoot Number Theory Seminar

28th October 2020, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Virtual Seminar,

If G is a commutative and connected algebraic group over a number field K and A is a finitely generated and torsion-free subgroup of G(K), we can consider the set n^{-1}A={P in G(Kbar) | nP in A} of n-division points of A in an algebraic closure Kbar of K, for any positive integer n. The field extension K(n^{-1}A) of K generated by these points is Galois and it contains the n-torsion field K(G[n]) of G; we are interested in studying, among other things, its degree over this torsion field. This kind of extensions have been studied for example by Ribet [1], but the methods found in the literature are usually non-effective. In this talk I will present recent effective results of myself and Lombardo in the case of non-CM elliptic curves [2]. I will also outline a general framework, developped in [3], to reduce the study of these extensions to that of some arithmetic properties of A and certain properties of the Galois representations attached to G.

[1] Kennet A. Ribet, Kummer theory on extensions of abelian varieties by tori, Duke Mathematical Journal, 1979.

[2] Davide Lombardo and S. T., Explicit Kummer theory for elliptic curves, ArXiv preprint, 2019.

[3] S. T., Radical entanglement for elliptic curves, ArXiv preprint, 2020.

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