Indunil Sikurajapathi


Diagnosing and Remediating Mathematical Common Student Errors in e-Assessment Questions: A Case Study

Maths Education Seminar

20th March 2024, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Fry Building, G.07

Mistakes and misconceptions in mathematics are as prevalent as those in any real-life situation. The errors frequently made by myriad students, known as Common Student Errors (CSEs), heavily influence their ability to learn and retain mathematics. Identifying and correcting CSEs on handwritten assignments is a straightforward process, as educators have access to students’ intermediate workings. One major drawback of this approach is the time and effort it takes to mark and provide feedback to individual students. In recent years, e-Assessments have become a pivotal method of providing mathematical assessments in education. However, there is increasing concern that e-Assessment cannot act like a human marker to identify and correct CSEs in mathematical e-Assessment. This talk presents the research carried out in diagnosing and remediating CSEs in Engineering Mathematics (EM) e-Assessment questions, using the Dewis e-Assessment system developed at University of the West of England, Bristol as the demonstration platform.

Organiser: Catherine Hobbs

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