Charley Cummings

University of Bristol

Generation of the derived module category

Algebra Seminar

3rd March 2021, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Online, Zoom

Given a ring, it can be difficult to know how complicated its representation theory is. One way to measure the complexity is to calculate a numerical invariant of the ring called the finitistic dimension. In the 60s it was conjectured that the finitistic dimension of a finite dimensional algebra is finite; a claim that remains unproven today. At first glance this conjecture looks like a question simply concerning the modules of a ring, however, in 2019, Rickard proved that this conjecture can be reformulated into a question about a generation property of the derived module category. In this talk we will consider this generation property and look at its interaction with various ring constructions including triangular matrix algebras.

Organisers: Tim Burness, Charles Cox

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