Alisa Knizel

Mathematics Department, Columbia University in the City of New York

Invariant measure for the open KPZ equation

Mathematical Physics Seminar

29th May 2020, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Online seminar, BlueJeans ID 824 425 027

I will talk about a construction of an invariant measure for the open KPZ equation on a bounded interval with Neumann boundary conditions. The approach relies on two main ingredients. The first is that open ASEP converges to open KPZ under weakly asymmetric scaling around the triple point of the phase diagram. The second is that the invariant measure of open ASEP can be computed exactly via Askey-Wilson processes, a variant of the matrix product ansatz. This construction is a joint work with Ivan Corwin.

Organiser: Thomas Bothner

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