CMI-HIMR Summer School on Symmetry and Randomness

Monday 15th JulyFriday 19th July 2024

Hosted by: School of Mathematics, Fry Building, University of Bristol, UK

Jointly funded by the Clay Mathematics Institute and the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research.

This year the summer school will focus on the mathematics of symmetry and randomness, where probability theory comes together with analysis, geometry and group theory to help understand highly symmetric structures. The mini-courses will present aspects of random walks on infinite graphs and groups in connection with geometric group theory; the mathematics of percolation theory especially on large transitive graphs; as well as spectral and mixing time estimates for finite Markov chains with an emphasis on the cut-off phenomenon, and much more. Students will have the opportunity to be introduced to these topics as well as to hear lectures by leading figures in the area.


More information is available on the summer school website.

Applications are now open, please apply here. The application deadline is 15th March 2024, 23:45 GMT.


Emmanuel Breuillard (Oxford)
Matthew Tointon (Bristol)

Short Course Lecturers:

Tom Hutchcroft (Caltech)
Justin Salez (Université Paris-Dauphine)
Tianyi Zheng (UC San Diego)

Guest Speakers:

Persi Diaconis (Stanford)
Geoffrey Grimmett (Cambridge)
Tatiana Nagnibeda (Université de Genève)



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