Logic and Set Theory Seminars

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Past Seminars:

  • Philipp Schlicht
    The lengths of Pi11 ranks
    Wednesday 26th February 2020

  • Joel David Hamkins
    Bi-interpretation in set theory
    Tuesday 25th February 2020

  • Benoit Monin
    Reverse mathematics and the Ramsey theorem for pairs
    Wednesday 12th February 2020

  • Philip Welch
    An iteration to define L[Reg]
    Wednesday 29th January 2020

  • Christopher Turner
    Generalised Prikry forcings and L[Card]
    Wednesday 4th December 2019

  • Philipp Lücke
    Definable pathological sets
    Wednesday 27th November 2019

  • Beatrice Adam-Day
    Indestructibility of Large Cardinals
    Wednesday 30th October 2019

  • Paul Shafer
    Exploring the strength of Caristi's fixed point theorem and Ekeland's variational principle
    Wednesday 23rd October 2019

  • Asaf Karagila
    Realizing realizability results with symmetric extensions
    Wednesday 23rd October 2019

  • Daisuke Ikegami
    On supercompactness of omega_1
    Tuesday 20th August 2019

  • Kentaro Sato
    Finitist Axiomatic Truth
    Friday 7th June 2019

  • Andrew Brooke-Taylor
    Set theory and category theory
    Wednesday 8th May 2019

  • Victoria Gitman
    Set theory in second-order
    Wednesday 8th May 2019

  • Juan Aguilera
    F_sigma Games of Length omega^2
    Wednesday 1st May 2019

  • Dorottya Sziraki
    Open graphs and hypergraphs on definable subsets of generalized Baire spaces
    Tuesday 2nd April 2019

  • Sandra Müller
    The consistency strength of long projective determinacy
    Tuesday 5th February 2019

  • John Truss
    Surjectively rigid chains
    Tuesday 29th January 2019

  • Sakae Fuchino
    Reflection Principles formulated as Löwenheim-Skolem Theorems for stationary logics and the Continuum Problem
    Tuesday 22nd January 2019

  • Arno Pauly
    Uniformity aspects of determinacy
    Tuesday 8th January 2019

  • Philipp Schlicht
    Oligomorphic groups are essentially countable
    Tuesday 18th December 2018

  • Gabriel Fernandes
    Tall cardinals in extender models
    Tuesday 9th October 2018

  • Asaf Karagila
    Models of Bristol
    Tuesday 2nd October 2018

  • Andrew Brooke-Taylor
    Cichon's diagram for higher cardinals
    Tuesday 1st May 2018

  • Philip Welch
    The Härtig Quantifier Model
    Wednesday 13th December 2017

  • Professor Colin McLarty
    Proofs and the love of wisdom: what do we learn by proving a theorem in arithmetic?
    Wednesday 15th November 2017

  • Sabrina Ouazzani
    A brief story of gaps in the infinite time Turing machines
    Tuesday 9th May 2017