Training in Data Science

Data Science is an interdisciplinary topic addressing how to learn from data.

It covers expertise from Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, and of course, expertise in the data and the decisions being made from it. Studying Data Science in each of these departments changes the emphasis, but data scientists from each discipline will know enough about managing and learning from data to work together and join the rapid-growth of progress that is enabled by combining expertise.
We offer programmes at all levels:

Data Science at Bristol University
Data Science in the School of Mathematics is led by the Institute for Statistical Sciences. Students will gain all of the sound theoretical statistics foundations expected from a mathematics programme, but will also gain valuable cross-discipline skills that enable Data Science careers in Research, Industry, Government, and beyond.

More about data science teaching and research at the University of Bristol:

The University of Bristol is proud to be a member of the national Alan Turing Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

You can read more about “What to know before studying data science?”, written by Dr Lawson, a Senior Lecturer in Data Science at Bristol.

Want to find out about the data science behind COVID modelling? Watch the following short video to find out about the role mathematics and data science play in predicting how we can best fight COVID-19 and why modelling epidemics is such a hard problem.