Archive | January, 2020

Heilbronn Data Science Visitor Alain Durmus

Alain Durmus, Associate Professor at ENS Paris-Saclay, visited the University of Bristol in January as part of the Data Science Seminar series and will again visit later in the year, in March, for Heilbronn Institute’s Hypcoercivity Workshop. The workshop aims to bring together researchers from different communities with an interest in hypocoercivity ideas and techniques […]

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Eric Moulines’ mini- series of lectures

Eric Moulines will be visiting the Heilbronn Institute of Mathematical Research as a Data Science Visitor from 27th January- 31st January. During his stay Eric will be delivering a series of lectures on Convex optimization for machine learning. Tuesday 28th January 11:00- 12:00 G.09, The Fry Building Thursday 30th January 13:00- 14:00, G.10, The Fry […]

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