The School of Mathematics welcomes our inaugural Heilbronn Distinguished Visitor, Professor Zeev Rudnick

The School of Mathematics is delighted to welcome Professor Zeev Rudnick. Zeev holds the Cissie and Aaron Beare Chair in Number Theory at Tel Aviv University and his main research interests are in number theory and mathematical physics (quantum chaos in particular). Zeev is the School’s inaugural Heilbronn Distinguished Visiting Professor. This new initiative, in partnership with the Heilbronn Institute, aims to bring world-leading mathematicians to Bristol for research visits. Zeev will be here for two weeks, with a second visit planned later in the year. He has an office on the 4th floor of Howard House (4.04). Zeev has given two seminars since visiting, these being Heilbronn Number Theory,  On Cilleruelo’s conjecture for the least common multiple of polynomial sequences and a mathematical physics seminar, Primes and lattice points